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Page 126, Chapter 20



1. Legion of Mary Members are not at liberty to vary rules and practices as they choose. The system described is the Legion system. Each variation, however slight, makes others inevitable, till presently a body is in existence which indeed bears the name, but possesses little else of the Legion; and which the Legion would not hesitate to disown, even though work in itself valuable were being done.

2. Experience has shown that the name of an organisation has little definite meaning for some persons. For they regard it as a virtual tyranny if they are not permitted to cover with the name of a standard organisation some composition of their own minds. Sometimes “modernisers” proceed to alter almost everything in the Legion while retaining its name. Can they not see that such an illegal transferring to their own possession of the established position and membership of the Legion would be the worst sort of depredation because it is in the spiritual order.

3. And places — like persons — are apt to conceive that they are out of the common and that their case has to be specially legislated for. Hence the proposals which are from time to time made that the Legion system should be flexed to meet alleged special circumstances. Such modifications, if made, will have an unhappy sequel. For almost invariably they spring, not from necessity (for the Legion has already demonstrated its universal adaptability), but from the operation of a false spirit of independence. Such will never attract the special blessings of Heaven, and the fruit of that independence will always be a falling away. However, as it will not always be possible to convince people of this, it is at least pointed out to those who are set upon exercising a right of private judgment in relation to the rules of the Legion, that their only course in honour is to refrain from covering their transactions with the name of the Legion.

4. Moreover, this ingenious picking of parts, which tooclever men often indulge in, never succeeds in capturing a quality of sweetness and inspiration which was the real power of the original, so that the usual result of this species of surgery is a corpse. But at the very best, what is created is a beautiful machine and nothing more. When poor results or failure follow, there is a heavy responsibility to be faced.

5. The various councils of the Legion exist chiefly for the purpose of preserving intact the Legion system. At all costs they must be true to the trusteeship committed to them.


The system of the Legion of Mary is a most excellent one.” (Pope John XXIII)

 “You must accept the whole, or reject the whole; reduction does but enfeeble, and amputation mutilate. It is trifling to receive all but something which is as integral as any other portion.” (Ven. John Henry Newman: Essay on Development)     




By Fr. Vincent Vuong-Quoc Nguyen

Houston Senatus Spiritual Director


Fr. Vincent said, “The few do more and the more do less” With Wisdom we need to sometimes say no, to allow us to do more. Accept All or Reject All!

The Church is like a pie, divided up, but joined together as one. Other organizations vie for time, we need to commit to the Legion of Mary, four hours(two hours meeting and 2 hours work). Be careful to do good for the Legion, not harm. Do small things well. Be faithful to your commitment. It is better to say no to somethings and say yes to Our Blessed Mother.