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February 11th – Our Lady of Lourdes


Saints of the Day for February

1. Saint Bridgid, Saint Ignatius, 2. Candlemas-Day

3. Saint Blasé, 4. Saint Jane of Valois, 5. Saint Agatha

6. Saint Dorothy, 7. Saint Romuald, 8. Saint John of Matha

9. Saint Apollonia, 10. Saint Scholastica, 11. Saint Severinus

12. Saint Benedict of Anian, 13. Saint Catherine of Ricci

14. Saint Valentine, 15. Sts. Faustinus and Jovita

16. Blessed John de Britto,16. Saint Onesimus, Disciple of Saint Paul, 17. Saint Flavian, 18. Saint Simeon,

19. Saint Barbatus, 20. Saint Eucherius, 21. Saint Severianus

23. Saint Peter Damian, 23. Saint Serenus, 24. Saint Matthias

25. Saint Tarasius, 26. Saint Porphyry, 27. Saint Leander

28. Saints Romanus and Lupicinus, 29. Saint Oswald

In 1858, there lived in the village of Lourdes, a little peasant girl, Bernadette Soubirous, 14 years old, uneducated, simple, poor, good. On February 11, she was sent with two more girls to collect wood. They walked to the Rock of Massabielle, where the two companions crossed a mountain stream; while Bernadette was removing her shoes to follow them she became conscious of a ravishing beautiful Lady, standing in the hollow of the rock, looking at her. Bernadette fell involuntarily upon her knees, gazing enraptured at the lovely Lady, who smiled lovingly at Bernadette and then disappeared.

The mysterious Lady from heaven appeared in all, eighteen times to the little girl and among other things told her to drink the water from a mysterious fountain which was not yet observed. Bernadette scratched in the sand at a spot indicated, and water began to trickle through the earth; after a few days there gushed forth every day 27,000 gallons of pure, clear spring water, and this water flows still.


Bernadette was asked by Our Lady of Lourdes, who always showed her a sweet heavenly courtesy, to request the priest to have a church built on the spot, that processions should be made to the grotto, that people should drink of the water. The main emphasis of her message was that the faithful should visit the grotto in order to do penance for their sins and for those of the whole world.