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April 4th,  Our Lady of Grace, Normandy, France

Saints of the Day for March

1. Saint David, 1. Saint Albinus, 2. Saint Simplicius,3. Saint Cunegundes,

4. Saint Casimir, 5. Saints Adrian and Eubulus, 6. Saint Colette,

7. Saint Thomas Aquinas, 8. Saint John of God, 9. Saint Frances of Rome,

10. The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, 11. Saint Eulogius, 12. Saint Gregory the Great, 13. Saint Euphrasia, 14. Saint Maud, 15. Saint Zachary, 16. Saints Abraham and Mary, 17. Saint Patrick of Ireland,

18. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, 19. Saint Joseph,  20. Saint Wulfran, 21. Saint Benedict,

22.  Saint Catharine of Sweden, 23. Saints Victorian, 24. Saint Simon, Infant Martyr,

25. Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 26. Saint Ludger

27. Saint John of Egypt, 28. Saint Gontran, 29. Saints Jonas and Barachisius

30. Saint John Climacus, 31. Saint Benjamin





The feast of Our Lady of Grace is observed in various churches at different times. Mary accordingly, is considered “full of grace” or, as the Mother who brings down graces and benefits on us. She does both, as the collect for the Mass of Our Lady of Grace states: “God conferred the grace of regeneration upon mankind through Mary’s fruitful virginity; may we then share her happiness in Heaven.”  The familiar image of Our Lady of Grace depicts Mary with hands outspread toward her devotees, and from those hands rays of light flow, symbolizing that always she is ready and able to shower upon us, her children, all the graces and blessings we desire.

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